Juvenile Drug Possession and How It Can Affect Your Minor

Defending Against Juvenile Drug Possession Charges

Defending against juvenile drug possession charges.

Juvenile drug possession and adult drug possession include the same types of crimes, but the penalties can differ substantially.

As children grow into adults they often experience many different changes in their lives.  They change friends, change likes and dislikes, change clothing styles, and change hobbies.  The changes they experience are part of the process they encounter as they discover what type of person they want to be as they grow into adulthood.  Unfortunately, many Salt Lake City area teens change their views about drugs.  Many children learn that drugs are bad in elementary school, but as they grow the stigma associated with drugs changes and it may even be a cool thing to do.  As a result many juveniles experiment with drugs at school, parties, or even at home.  Others may not participate in drug use but have friends that do.  Drugs are prevalent in society and many juveniles are charged with drug possession despite having good parents, teachers, and religious leaders directing them to do otherwise.

Juvenile drug possession crimes happen to many juveniles who make lapses in judgment.  Unfortunately, their lapses in judgment can result in juvenile criminal charges.  Utah State law and juvenile courts can treat drug possession by a minor more harshly.  For example, if a juvenile court finds that a juvenile possessed drugs, the juvenile can have his or her driver’s license suspended for 1-2 years depending on the facts of the case.  If a minor does not have his or her driver’s license at the time of the finding, it can affect when a driver’s license is obtained.  For example, a 15 year old who is found by a court to have possessed drugs would not be eligible for a driver’s license until he was 17 years old. It can even result in incarceration at a detention center.

Marijuana Possession

The most common type of juvenile drug possession charge in Salt Lake City is the possession of marijuana.  Marijuana is easily accessible by many teens from friends and acquaintances.  Many areas of the United States are decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana possession, but in Utah there is still strong laws against minors using marijuana.  When a court finds a minor to have possessed, used, or purchased marijuana the juvenile can expect to receive random drug testing, drug education classes, and community service.  Although marijuana is receiving less scrutiny than it once was, minors in Utah should expect that a court will not look kindly on its use.

Because driving privileges, school standing, and future plans can be impacted by drug possession, it is important for juveniles and parents/guardians to seek legal help from a Sal Lake City criminal defense lawyer.  A lawyer is ready to speak to juveniles and parents about a drug possession charge so call 801.618.1333 to make contact with a defense lawyer today.

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